Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Family Wall of Fame Project

We have a loooong hallway in our home. The house is set up in a big U shape with a small courtyard in the middle. The long hall separates the extra bedrooms from the main part of the house. Remember, we have an empty nest, so all but the master bedroom is unoccupied by children.

I have been promising the RGH, I would make a Family Wall of Fame in that hallway since we moved here. I finally got my rear in gear and got it started. So I am sharing my process with you today.

First, note the long, empty wall:

I told you it was a long, empty wall. See how boring it is. I had to put a picture hanger on the wall just to get the camera to focus.

It is over 12 feet long in this section alone. Room for lots of frames. The problem here is there is not enough room to lay out a bunch of frames to make my plan. So I did the layout on the floor between my dining area and the family room.

I changed a couple of things once I laid it out. First, that frame in the bottom center is unlike the others. It has a wide, flat frame and the rest have a thinner, more decorative frame. So I had to run to Michael's to get one more frame. Darn! But my scratch off coupon was 30% off. SCORE!

I also ended up leaving off the two square frames on each end. I  have another, smaller section of hallway that I am planning a mini wall of fame for. I want to use those there. 

It took a little bit of time to get all these frames on the wall and straight. If you have ever done this,  you know that even exactly alike frames don't always hang exactly alike. But I had a gadget that helps with that. So here is the end result:

See my little ladder with my tools on the step? I guess I should have put it away so it wouldn't wreck the photo. My bad.

All the pictures in these frames are the pictures that were in them at the store. I promised the grandsons that will be here on Thursday that they could help me pick the photos. That is going to be fun. And it will also make the RGH happy to see his Family Wall of Fame finally finished.

Check off one more thing on my goals for the year list.

What project have you been putting off? Would it make you happy to get it done?

Just Do It.



  1. Awesome!! I need to do this with my wall upstairs...I have a LOOOONG hall way at the top of the stairs, visible from the front door, that runs the full width of the house. All the bedrooms, one bathroom and a laundry room open off of it (yes...I have an upstairs laundry...SO NICE since all the bedrooms and all but one bathroom are upstairs). Of course, I would have to do it when the boys weren't home, or there would be three sizes of male fingerprints on each of the picture where they picked it up to look at it!

  2. Mary the wall of fame and the new blog look great. Thanks for sharing your "process" in coming to this new place.
    Hope it all goes well. I'll keep watching

  3. this looks amazing, I luv a wall of photos, you did a wonderful job...hope your weekend is fantastic!

    enjoy *~*

  4. So glad to see you back to blogging! I tried to say hello the other day but blogger was giving me a hard time. Glad to 'hear' how you're doing!