Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hoover Dam with the Big J

I  finally got around to loading my photos on to the computer. Today, I am having what my grandson used to call a Ketchup Day. I told him once that Gramma was having a day to catch up and he coined the phrase 'Ketchup Day'. Of Course, I thought it was hilarious because, well, he IS my grandson. Everything he does is adorable. One of my Ketchup items is getting this blog post done. Checking it off!

We took the Big J to Hoover Dam while he was visiting with us. We had a great day and learned a lot of stuff that I quickly forgot because I didn't take notes. Our guide was kind of a jerk too and I wasn't to jiggy with paying attention to him anyway. But the Big J is sort of an info geek so he was absorbing every word.

We went down into the ground 54 stories. (Are they stories if you are going below the ground? I don't know.) We saw the transformers that crank out the electricity the dam provides to Southern Nevada, Arizona and California. Here is a photo of them, some even in action:

And check out the rock we were walking around inside:

We went deep into the ground. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Once we had the full tour, we went back topside to walk around the dam and take some photos of Big J on the dam and with his feet in two different states.

Yes, that's a road that travels along to top of the dam. It used to be the only route through but they built this awesome bridge recently, so through traffic can circumvent the dam completely. It certainly speeds things up for people driving to Phoenix and makes it easier for the tourists to walk around the dam safely. Check out this bridge:

The RGH and I saw this when it was being constructed and it totally freaked me out. At the time it didn't meet in the middle yet. YIKES! Now it looks less creepy.

I would like to show you what happens when you hand a real camera to a point and shoot person:

And then he redeemed himself:

And now it's my turn:

Big J is split between Nevada and Arizona and just so you know, this is his I am super excited face:

They built a monument for the men who worked building the dam and the men who lost their lives working on it. I thought it was beautiful.

We had a great time on our visit in spite of the temperatures being in the 100's. After the visit we hit a Restaurant in Boulder City but that will be my next post.



  1. All those years living in CA and I never saw the Hoover Dam...You look MARVELOUS by the way!

  2. I'd love to visit that dam one day! And that "super excited face"? PRICELESS!!!